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Lilly thinks life is good as a therapy dog!

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Welcome to Fleets Therapy Dogs
Therapy with a twist!

Therapy dogs are truly a special breed. They must be friendly, loyal, focused and above all loyal to their handlers and their needs. Here at Fleets Therapy Dogs we expect a lot from our dogs; their obedience has to be, not just good, but great. Even that isn't enough, they also have to be able to perform at the drop of a hat (or a treat)! All of our dogs are very well versed in the art of making you smile, with some going so far as to make you laugh also!

We go wherever there is a need for some good old fashioned "Dog Therapy". So from Roland with his greeting of a "low five" (too short for a high five), Lily jumping through hoops, Chloe reluctantly saying her prayers and all our other talented dogs, we really do have a "doggone good time".

Take a look at the other pages to meet our dogs and handlers and see some DogTherapy in action. If you would like to have a visit from our dogs or if you have an exceptional four legged friend who would like to become a Fleets Therapy Dog, please contact Brenda at fleetstherapy@gmail.com.

Fleets Therapy Dogs - Dedicated to giving hugs wherever needed!