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Sandcastle's Little Fleet

Sandcastle's Little Fleet was the inspiration for Fleets Therapy Dogs. She was a Belgian Sheep Dog born on May 14, 1996 at the Sandcastle Kennels of Lansing.

Brenda had always liked the look of a Belgian Sheep Dog because they reminded her of the collies she had as a kid. When Brenda's daughter and grandkids moved to Florida she was devastated. Her partner, Tammy, surprised her with a cute little puppy to keep her mind off how much she missed the kids.

Fleet was a joy from the first moment, she was easy to train, wanted to please, great at agility and tricks. She was so good at obedience that Fleet was the dog Advanced K-9 Academy took to do demonstrations. Fleet liked being with people so Brenda decided to try therapy with her. Brenda's son, Keith, had spent a lot of time in Children's Hospital of Detroit, so that's where she went with Fleet in tow. Brenda and Fleet enjoyed the time together, the kids and visiting. This was the beginning of Fleets Therapy Dogs.

In January of 2003, Fleet wouldn't chase the ball that Brenda's grandson would throw which she loved to do, and just wasn't herself. The vet said she had cancer and that even with treatment they felt she had only 2 months. Fleet died on January 22, 2003, just two weeks later. So now in Sandcastle's Little Fleet's memory we go wherever there is a need for hugs as Fleets Therapy Dogs. small black paw